NPX series are designed for optimum performance, heavy stock removal while providing the versatility required by a large range of industries such as: general purpose machine shops, mining industry, paper mills, power utilities, ship building and repair and the oil field industry

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Standard Key Features of these
machines include:

  • Rigid slant bed structure
  • Hydraulic turret
  • Auto lubrication, coolant & hydraulic system
  • Hydraulic tailstock
  • siemens controller


  • Other controller
  • Steady rest & follow rest (Hydraulic or Manual)
  • Chucks & Face plate

Innovative, latest

Economical high


Flexibility, Ease of
operation & maintence

Technical Specifications

Model Description NPX-700 NPX-800 NPX-1100 NPX-1500
Capacity Swing over bed 700 mm 800 mm 1100 mm 1500 mm
Distance between centers 2000 mm to 6000 mm
Bed width 600 mm
Spindle Spindle bore A2-11 A2-15 or special heavy duty spindle
Speed range 50 to 1000 RPM 50 to 500 RPM
Spindle center MT6
Turret type Hydraulic Turret
Tool size 32 X 32 40 X 40
X axis travel 400 mm 500 mm 650 850
Z axis travel 2000 mm to 6000 mm
X axis rapid travel 5 M / min 
Z axis rapid travel 5 M / min 
Tailstock Quill diameter Rotating quill Ø150 mm
Quill travel 150 mm
Quill taper MT6
Motor Spindle motor 22 \ 30 Kw with gearbox 37 \  45 kW with gearbox
Lubricant pump motor 25 W
Coolant pump motor 1 kw
Hydraulic pump motor 1 kw