Double Spindle
Turning Center

The Dual Turn 20 utilizes 2-opposing spindles and 2 turrets, left and right, on a single machine platform for maximizing production efficiency and saving valuable manufacturing floor space. The integral spindles provide high speed turning and part transfer from spindle to spindle. Matching non-lift, 8-station turrets allow for maximum flexibility of tool layout and simultaneous operations. Factory automation unloader or load and unload gantry cell, offers unattended manufacturing operations.

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Standard Key Features of these
machines include:

  • Heavy Duty Machine Structure
  • Double Spindle Head
  • Double 8 station Bi-Directional Turrets
  • It is designed for individual turning and long and heavy component turning both end
  • Axis Motion on LM Roller Guide Ways
  • Precision Ball-Screw and Servo drive for Linear Motion
  • HIgh Pressure coolant System
  • Centralized Lubrication
  • Dual Channel CNC Controller Systems
  • Auto Loading - Unloading Gantry

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Flexibility, Ease of
operation & maintence